Is Soccer Betting Legal? – Here’s the Actual Answer! 

When it comes to betting on soccer, people from various countries ask: Is soccer betting legal? 

Some say it’s absolutely legal and some say you might end up behind bars. 

Is soccer betting legal?

Whom should you listen to? 

Well, I can’t really say it’s legal or illegal. Before I tell you what it is, there’s a long story that you need to hear to reach that conclusion of legality. 

There’s No One Size Fits All 

Hypothetically, a person living in Dubai might face different rules compared to someone living in America. 

Before you get into betting, it’s advisable to research the betting rules of your country. 

There are a lot of countries, otherwise I would’ve told you about your country’s rules. 

What Would You Do if Soccer Betting is Illegal in Your Country? 

Wait, this doesn’t mean the end of your soccer betting career. 

Since the era of the internet has begun, it has opened many loopholes for the government. 

For instance, see how Bitcoin managed to beat income tax departments. 

In the same way, there are bookmakers that are taking out their processes in countries where it’s absolutely legal to bet. 

Let’s suppose: 

You’re going on Curacao island to place bets. 

Can your government do anything about it? 

The answer is No. 

You’re not betting in their country, you’re doing it outside. 

If we compare this to a real life situation, it would be like – you’re annoying your bestfriend for a while and he or says, don’t do this here, go somewhere else. 

Yes, they don’t care if you do it outside. 

Is it Safe to Bet on an Offshore Bookmaker? 

As long as the bookmaker has been proven good, it’s alright to trust. 

Because just in case some bookmaker takes away your money, your government won’t do anything about it. 

It’s like your irritated bestfriend now doesn’t care whether you die or live. 

For instance, Bet365 and Betfair are the two exchanges that are mostly trusted for years. 

And guess what? There are more than 20 such bookmakers out there. 

As far as I know, these will never run away with your money. 

Because no one likes to eat chicken, everyone loves eggs. 

On these platforms, people deposit money and get their withdrawal as well.