How Does Soccer Betting Work? – Learn from Scratch! 

So you just discovered that soccer betting is a thing? In that case, let me tell you something. 

From a teenager to someone like a 60 year old man, almost everyone bets on soccer. 

The rush we get from it is something that attracts people of different cultures. 

But yes, it looks like you feel like being left on something. You don’t know how does soccer betting work.

Don’t worry, just keep reading and I’ll solve all of your confusions in one go. 

Where to Place Soccer Bets? 

Before we discuss technicalities, this is a simple question that most of you might be already aware of. 

But still, there are people who don’t know where to place soccer bets. 

Some even ask whether they should do this offline or online. 

In my opinion, time has changed and online soccer betting is profitable as well as risk-free. 

Here are some bookmakers that I like: 

  1. Bet365 (Start with this, you won’t regret) 
  2. 1xBet
  3. Betaway 
  4. Betfair
  5. 10Bet
  6. MarathonBet

Just in case you want to know more about these bookmakers, you can read this: Top 10 Soccer Betting Bookmakers You Need to Get Started. 

Understanding How Odds Work in Soccer Betting is the Way to Get Started 

There was a time when coming across the term ‘odds’ made me search multiple YouTube videos. 

It was like, am I the only one who doesn’t get this? 

But then I understood that odds are nothing but a measurement of who wins, loses, or ends up in a draw. 

To understand it better, take a look at: 

Types of Odds in Soccer Betting

Betting on spread, contra style, or even the 4th goal, there are a lot of weird types of odds in soccer betting. And guess what? They all come with fantasy-like names. 

But before telling you names, I would like to tell you how these odds are calculated. After all, this article is about making you understand things from scratch. 

So, when it comes to odds, there are 3 mathematical ways of measuring it: 

  1. Fractional (British) 
  2. Decimal (European) 
  3. Money Line (American) 

A majority of soccer bookmakers focus on decimals. In fact, it’s the most popular type of odds across the globe. 

Generally, we see odds in this way: 

Now look, there’s no.1, no. x, and no.2. 

No. 1 refers to the stats of team 1, x refers to draw, and 2 refers to the stats of the second team.

If you place your bet on team 1, that means you’re going to get 5X of what you’re betting. 

Numbers like 5.0, 3.4, or 1.72, refers to the multiplication of your total investment. 

So if you’re putting 10 bucks on team 1, it means your odds will be 5.0. Therefore, that would be 5X of $10.

Yes, you will end up making $50 out of $10. 

Elite Soccer Draws mostly bet on X which means draw. If you want to know why, you should check my strategy out. 

How Odds Are Placed in Soccer Betting? (Along with Fancy Names) 

Now that we have talked about the types of odds, we should talk about what real types are. 

In soccer betting, punters bet in multiple styles like:

Simple High School Betting

This is the type of betting we’ve grown up seeing. For example, if I’m betting on Loto Popo against Eternal, I might make 4X of the amount invested. 

types of odds in soccer betting

Of course, I might make $400 out of $100. 

Note: If team A has more odds than team B, it means that team A is weak. 

Most beginners chase after high odds to make money, which is absolutely a wrong tactic. 

Betting on Draws – Ain’t Gonna Take Sides

Here comes our favourite type. In this one, you simply place a bet on X. 

I prefer draw odds because these are usually higher and most likely to come in my favour. 

And the type of strategy I use, it fits well with draws and oftentimes reduces my profit to risk ratio. 

Who Makes the First 4th or 5th Goal? 

These types of odds have great odds. But wait, there’s not much probability of winning. 

soccer betting explained

As you can see here, the game has reached 89 minutes. Even if we get extra 4 minutes for injury, I don’t think it would be easy to get one more goal from any of the teams. 

And as I said, the more chances are, the more odds will be. In this case, chances for No Goal are huge. So we make less on that. 

If you’re someone who loves to do pure gambling with no strategy, go with this one to have some real fun. 

Act with Action 

In this type of betting, you can see people betting on any act you can think of. I don’t think there’s something that’s remaining because people even consider both teams to score in the 2nd half. 

Here’s a list you might take a look at: 

  • First team to score
  • Last team to score
  • Both teams to score in 2nd half
  • 3-way handicap 
  • No scores at all 
  • Exact final scores

Crazy, isn’t it? That’s why I prefer draws 🙂 

Simple and profitable! 

What’s the Soccer Betting Process Look Like? – Here’s the Answer You’re Looking for! 

With a bunch of statistics and odds, it’s tough to understand how does soccer betting work. 

I feel you. 

That’s what I felt when I started. 

To make you see the process clearly, I’ll show you how to make soccer bets in bet365. 

If you use any other bookmaker, the process would be similar. But yes, I personally love this bookmaker for its interface and good odds. 

Anyways, here’s what the process looks like: 

  1. Sign into your bookmaker and head over to the soccer or football section
What does soccer betting process look like?
  1. If you want to pick a team, you might even try the search function of your bookmaker
how to place a bet on soccer
  1. Now Place bet on the team you’ve chosen. In my case, I’m going to place a draw on Real Madrid vs PSG. So I’ll just click on 3.80 odds. 
place a bet on soccer in bet365
  1. Once I click on X, I’ll get a pop asking me for how much I want to bet. I’ll simply put the amount I can afford to lose. 
how to place a bet on soccer draws
  1. Forget everything, just focus on the pop up and do as I’ve just said. And that’s all, click on ‘Place Bet’ and your bet is placed. 

As simple as that! 

By the way, it also shows how much I’m going to make out of 100 Rs. 

I’m from India, that’s why it’s showing me Rs as rupees sign. In your case, it might show you your native currency or USD. 

Don’t worry about currencies, you can mail Bet365 to change your currency into the desired one. 

I’ll soon convert mine into USD soon, it’s just that I’m too lazy to mail them right now.

Where to Go from Here? 

If one of your friends has told you a strategy that works, it’s awesome. Go ahead and start placing bets. 

In case you’re a newbie who doesn’t know how to make profitable bets, you may follow Elite Soccer Draw strategy to make some cash. 

My strategy is too good to be true but I am not charging you anything for now. It’s free for the first 250 people. 

The catch for me is just this: 

Follow my strategy for a month betting X dollars, earn some money, and then you can buy me a cup of coffee if you feel like. 

That’s all.. Deal?