What are the Odds and what is the Win Rate?

The average odds of our tips is 3.00, and the success rate is about 40%. Complete statistics with any data can be found on the Statistics page. The odds and success are not the most important data, but our profit in percentages of the bank. even with a 40% win rate we are almost making… Continue reading What are the Odds and what is the Win Rate?

Where to bet predictions? Will they be in my bookmaker?

We recommend playing the predictions in Bet365 and Betfair. However, they are available in almost all bookmakers such as Sportsbet, Bet9ja, etc. It is best to register in more of them so that you can always play the highest odds available.

How much money should I play with the predictions?

We recommend starting with $20 base bets that is what we use, and you need a bankroll of about $2.3k to start and withstand the losing streaks and be safe – You can always start lower with $10 base bets, and have $1,150 bankroll available. See our Betting System Guide for more information.

What is the guarantee that I will win?

There is no guarantee. The tips are successful and there are certainly profits in the long run. Of course, there are all sorts of periods, both good and bad, which means that if you get into a bad one, you may not win in the beginning, but have to show patience. That’s why we have… Continue reading What is the guarantee that I will win?

Can I subscribe from Nigeria / Kenya, etc. and How?

We have many customers from these countries and more generally Africa.Most often, they subscribe to Debit/Credit card or PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer or write to us to offer them alternative methods.Subscribing happens when clicking Join VIP button and you can choose payment.

Do you offer fixed games?

No. Whoever offers such predictions is a fraud (scammer) and tries to take your money. We make money from real and well-analyzed predictions and we are not interested and do not offer such nonsense.

Is the subscription from the date of payment or from the beginning of the month?

The subscription starts from the date on which it is activated and is valid for 30 days.

How do I subscribe?

At the top of the Subscription page there is a button Join VIP, click it and you will see the payment methods we have, namely – Payment by card (Visa / MasterCard), PayPal, Skrill, Bank transfer, Bitpay, Western Union / Moneygram, Bitcoin, and others. Select one of them and click it to see your payment details. If… Continue reading How do I subscribe?

Do you offer a Free Trial (period)?

Currently all our predictions are being offered for free Via our Telegram although we plan on charging for a monthly subscription in the coming months, then there will be no trial periods available.