Can Betting Sites Ban You for Winning Too Much? 8 Tips to Save You from Misery

So you have discovered a method that helps you beat bookmakers? And now you’re stressed and wondering, can betting sites ban you for winning too much? 

Can betting sites ban you for winning too much?

Recent reports claim that online bookmakers are making rules that prohibit players from placing a bet if they’re winning more than a certain amount of money in a given period. 

These companies have special algorithms programmed to detect the system you use for betting. 

After losing $25K, I learned what it takes to save yourself from getting banned on sports bookmakers. 

So take a look at these 8 tips carefully: 

1. Break the Pattern 

Always stake your money in round numbers. Instead of betting $8.67 on a game, bet $9 or $10. 

It will make it more difficult for the bookmaker to identify any potential patterns in your bets.

how to not get banned on sportsbook rounding up bets
right way to place bet to avoid ban

Second, try to bring a lot of variations in your betting. Don’t place all eggs in one basket. 

By betting on various outcomes, you make it more difficult for the bookmaker to identify any specific betting trends on your part.

Finally, be sure to keep track of your betting activity. Make a note of which teams and players you are betting on and how much money you are taking each time. 

Once you start keeping a check on your pattern, you can break it easily. 

2. Bet on Rotation Mode 

This is for those who use our 1.5X football draw betting system.  Just in case you don’t know, let me tell you that we multiply our bets by 1.5X after every loss so that we can recover losses and make profits as well. 

Let’s suppose, you placed a $20 bet on Manchester vs Liverpool using Bet365. Now after this loss, you’re going to bet $30 on another upcoming match. And guess what? You lose this one too. 

In this case, your next bet would be $45. But here’s the trick, you’re not going to place this $45 bet on Bet365. 

Instead of this, you might use Betfair or 1xBet. 

If you do this, Bet365 would think that you lost $50. To make this look more effective, you might deposit only $50 on your account. 

Wait till your account turns 0 and you’ll end up looking like a loser. After all, you can recover this from another bookmaker. 

Do this for a month and then switch sides. Hope you got the idea now. 

3. Don’t Start Betting on the Best Odds on the Very First Day of Your Registration

Be it sports or casino games, the house always has an edge when it comes to gambling.

That’s why it’s essential to start slowly and work your way up to bigger bets. After all, warming up is a thing for your account. 

Those who know how to win their bets make this mistake of earning profits at the very beginning, which eventually puts them on the radar. 

4. Wager on Small Unmeaning Bets

Before they ban your account, most sportsbooks have thresholds on how much money you can wager. 

To reduce the chances of getting your account banned, make small, unmeaning bets. It will keep your average bet size in their system low.

Considerable reductions in your average bet size will make bookies believe that they might win more from your losses, which will compel them to leave your account open for more time.

It’s all about the bookmaker not accepting that you are merely following a proven procedure with a much higher prospect of creating lasting profits.

As soon as they see that you’re systematic, organized, and on a higher perspective of creating profitability in the long run, they’ll attempt to exploit that particular tendency and ban your account.

So, by wagering on small bets, you aren’t as likely to raise any red flags with the bookmaker, and they’re less likely to see you as a risk.

5. Don’t Frequently Cash Out and Deposit 

Sportsbook bettors who enjoy the thrill of boosting their money often withdraw their winnings at the end of each gambling session.

When you deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account at a rapid pace, you cost the sportsbook a fee that their bank charges.

fast withdrawals might ban you

Other than this, too frequent withdrawals indicate that you’ve been on a winning streak. The more you earn, the more they lose. 

No company likes to lose money, hope you got what I’m saying. 

6. Use Promotion and Bonuses Wisely

Whether you’re a novice or experienced, it’s important to use the bonuses and promotions offered by sportsbooks wisely.

Some sportsbooks offer new players a sign-up bonus, while others may offer a reload bonus to existing players. These bonuses can be beneficial in helping to increase your bankroll, but only if used correctly.

Just be sure you don’t abuse the promotions and bonuses provided. Although amenities like these give you the chance to earn a lot of cash, you’ve got to be careful about doing more than just betting on special offers.

While these offers are made to attract new customers, if you’re frequently betting with these promotional bonuses and are able to make profit out of it, your account might be at risk of getting banned.

7. Mug Bets Strategy

The bookie may appear more interested in your account if you’re making enormous profits. One way to prevent these is to use Mugs betting strategy. 

This approach makes an individual look like a regular bettor who bets without reward or promotion.

Strategies such as placing bets on popular events, placing regular bets on the same team, gambling on casino gaming, and placing accumulator bets are commonly known mug strategies that keep your account safe from being flagged by bookmakers.

Remember, by using these strategies; there are always minimal financial risks involved as you’re laying your bets off.

Take a look at this article to learn more about using these tactics effectively.

In the end, it’s a winning situation for you and the bookmaker. By using this strategy, you may win good money while at the same time giving some back to the bookies. In addition, it may not raise any suspicions in the eyes of the bookmakers, and you may be able to keep your account open for long.

8. Don’t Make Duplicate Accounts

Sportsbooks don’t want people to abuse their bonuses by creating multiple accounts.

Several online sportsbooks have updated their sites with advanced algorithms that take steps to identify and prevent the use of multiple accounts by one individual. 

In some cases, people who are caught utilizing illicit accounts are required to forfeit the entire balance of their account for a whole year.