5 Best Soccer Betting Forums – Connect & Learn

Roaming around the best soccer betting forums is a habit that always makes you better at winning more bets. 

These are places where members of the community ask as well as publish ideas. 

Not all people pay back to the community, but there are some who do. And guess what? That’s enough to have an edge. 

Now let me tell you more about these 5 soccer betting forums. 

1. Punters Lounge

Punters Lounge is one of the oldest sports forums across the web. It started in early 2000 and at that time it was originally meant for just soccer. 

Therefore, there’s no doubt this forum is mostly about soccer betting. 

Once in a while they provide free football betting tips like these:

Best soccer betting forums is punters lounge

And just like any good forum, it consists of members that share what they might bet on. 

Here are a few points that we should note about this forum: 

  • No popup ads interruption 
  • Community is friendly and follows rules strictly 
  • An app is available for IOS as well as Android 
  • Site loads quickly 
  • Free bets are also available for beginners 

2. Covers 

Covers has been around for the last 25 years. I must say it’s one of the most active football betting forums on the internet. 

The reason behind such a success is news. They have been consistently updating their website with news and that helped them seek all eyes. 

Now that a lot of people visit this website, they also engage in forums. 

In this forum section, you will see people posting daily threads where they do nothing but talk about cool stuff. 

As you can see here: 

Covers best football betting forum

That P_66 guy is recommending for Over 3 bets. 

If you’re the type of person who gets ideas by talking to other people, Covers is the forum you might want to look at. 

Just like Punters Lounge, this forum also gives away free picks. 

3. Sportsbook on Reddit

If you want to see a community where people discuss a wide range of things about football betting, Sportsbook subreddit is something you shouldn’t overlook. 

From accumulator bets to straight up bets, people share their miseries as well as winnings all the time. 

Being just a subreddit, this community is way more active than Covers or Punters Lounge. 

But yes, you need good karma to post something here. Otherwise, you can simply read others posts and acquire knowledge based on other’s failures as well as winnings. 

One thing I like about this subreddit is that people don’t only share tips, they also share polls about some of the upcoming matches. 

This community’s only drawback is that it’s mixed with other types of sports betting too. Not only soccer, you might come across posts of sports like volleyball, tennis, as well basketball. 

To gather information, you have to filter from your own eyes and that’s a painful task to be honest. 

But still, I wouldn’t mind swinging here whenever I’m free. 

4. Pregame

RJ Bell is the guy behind Pregame. If you don’t know him, you should know that this person is one of the only sports punters on Forbes who is listed as the gambling gurus.

Since 2015, he has been the lead oddsmaker for the Associated Press. And not only this, he has been a columnist for Grantland as well as ESPN.

When it comes to how effective this forum could be, I can’t deny that it gets the same visitors as Covers.

It has a CFB and other sports sections where you can discover all about football.

Pregame soccer tips forums

And yes, how can I forget that they have a news section too. In case you feel like getting updates on the upcoming matches, you can put it to good use. 

5. BMR

BMR stands for Bookmakersreview. Even though this website is about bookmakers, its interface as well as consistency across the forum makes me like it. 

BMR forum for football punters

Inside most of these match threads, you will discover a YouTube video where you can get an overview of the upcoming match. 

Even though you’re here to know about forums, I must say this forum’s other features shouldn’t be overlooked as they have betting guides as well as calculators. 

6. Soccer Betting on Reddit

Here comes another subreddit, but this one is all about soccer betting. Unlike Sportsbook, you won’t have to filter this one. 

The Soccer Betting community on Reddit consists of 74K members and I’ve been seeing it growing for the last 6 months. 

This is one of the best soccer betting forums for beginners because they have a daily pick thread. 

best subreddit for football betting tips

In this thread, you will see multiple people posting their suggestions for the upcoming matches. 

Just make sure you don’t blindly use any tip. Even though you might find professional tips here, somewhere along the lines you also might end up following a noob’s advice. 

Last Minute Tip 

Even though it’s a good idea to engage with a community and its members, I want you to take notes too. 

Taking notes would help you understand how things were and how they can be. 

And remember, always give back to the community. If you’re learning something from someone, make sure you help the other person too. 

There’s a saying, “knowledge increases when you give it to someone”

That’s why I share daily soccer draws betting tips. If you want to be a part of it, you can join my soccer draw tips telegram channel here.