8 Best Soccer Betting Books You Should Read

Once you start reading these 9 best soccer betting books, you will be equipped with enough ingredients to devise your own strategy. 

Out of these 9, a couple will end up on your shelf. After all, who doesn’t like to keep a map that leads you to treasure? 

So without any further ado, let me tell you about each book one by one: 

Fixed Odds Sports Betting by Joseph Buchdahl 

Joseph has been doing sports betting for the last 20 years. He strictly wrote this book to help beginners to have an edge over the bookmakers. 

one of the best soccer betting books to read by joseph buchdahl

This book teaches you proper risk management, statistical, and money management techniques. 

Not only this, you learn to sustain yourself in the long run with the help of rating systems and long-shot bias. 

The author also states that he can bend the high-risk nature of sports betting into something like low-risk investment. 

Sports Trading on Betfair by Wayne Bailey 

Wayne Bailey is a guy who often publishes in various websites and newspapers in Ireland as well as the UK. 

sports trading on betfair soccer betting book

In fact, he publishes in one of the biggest newspapers in Ireland which is known as the Betting Ring column. 

In this book, he briefly explained: 

  • History of Betting Exchanges 
  • Basics of Betting 
  • How to Exploit Key Prices 
  • Scalping 
  • Filling the Gaps 
  • The Magnet Effect 
  • Momentum Swing Trading 
  • Managing Expectation
  • A Day in the Life of a Punter 

That’s not it, he talks about a lot of things like support and resistance, ditching, inplay, etc. 

There’s a lot to discover, you just have to read it to have Bailey’s rollercoaster of knowledge. 

Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek by Ted Thackrey 

Some people say this book is based on a mythical story, some say it’s a proper guide to local casinos, and some even tell you that this is about the legendary gambler ‘Nick the Gambler’ who teaches something really valuable to long-last. 

gambling secrets soccer betting book

The story goes like a guy from Greece, Nick Dandolos visits Chicago in 1919 with a dream. 

But games of cards got his attention and he faced a lot of defeats. 

And this humiliation just pushed him to learn more about gambling and he eventually crafted his own methods. 

There are rumours that if God wishes to learn gambling, he should pay this guy a visit. 

I don’t know to what extent this story is true, it’s worth reading the techniques and implementing it in soccer.   

The Premier Football Betting Handbook 

Matt Finnigan and Pete Nordsted are full-time soccer punters who are also the authors of Mastering Betfair. 

the premier football betting book for beginners

Matt specializes in live soccer and horse racing and he has been successfully running an educational course since 2007. 

On the other hand, Pete Nordsted is all about deducting sporting markets to his advantage. 

In this book, they taught: 

  • How to profit from football betting markets 
  • Structured analysis on odds, corners, bookings, etc. 
  • Ways to secure a steady stream of profits 
  • A breakdown of every team’s past records 

This is the 2010/11 edition of this book. If you want to dig further, there’s also the 2011/12 edition which is written by Pete Nordsted and Danny Jaques. 

Code a Soccer Betting Model in a Weekend (Antonio Tropiano)

Antonio Tropiano is a PhD in physics and his ways of placing bets on soccer is really different from regular punters. 

code a soccer betting model in a weekend

He made a successful model for betting on soccer matches with the help of a coding language called Python. 

This book shows you how you can install the software, gather past records of the matches, and put your system to test. 

He also mentioned that it takes no longer than a weekend to master his strategy. 

After all, it’s just a 51 page book. 

Data-Driven Football Predictions (Martin Chamberlain)

Martin knows that only 5% of the football bettors are able to make money. Taking help from scientists, he is able to create a project that brings a long-term profitable strategy for betting. 

data driven football betting book

I must say Martin is having one of the best soccer betting books because his approach is pretty much broken down to just one thing. 

Instead of focusing on under, draws, or favours, he finds data patterns to win over 2.5 goals bet. 

If you think you’re a novice, this book would be perfect for you. 

Football Hackers: The Science and Art of a Data Revolution (Christoph Biermann)

This book comes from an award-winning football writer. And guess what? He won Football Book of the Year twice. 

Christopher goes to his highs and lows to discover the truth behind soccer.

football hackers book

From talking to scientists to psychologists, he has taken advice from a lot of people travelling all the way from the US and Europe.

In this book, you might find topics like the power of coincidence, cognitive football, revolution, verdicts, etc. 

I can say this is one of those books where you learn the real basics of the game. 

Simple Soccer: An Easy Soccer Betting Strategy With A Positive Expected Return – Leandro Faria

Did you come across such best soccer betting books that just give nothing but hot air? In that case, you should check out what Leandro Faria came up with. 

simple soccer betting book for tips and strategies

The author illustrated a simple system with real-life examples. 

Even though this book doesn’t get as good ratings as others have, it still gives techniques that we can combine with our own methods. 

As far as I know, this book won’t help beginners. But yes, those who have been betting for a while can learn a few techniques from this and then infuse it with their own. 

What Should You Read First? 

No matter what book you read, what YouTube video you watch, or what podcast you hear, as long as you’re not backtesting your strategy for months and seeing it working, I wouldn’t recommend you to bet on soccer. 

I’ve myself undergone a year of backtesting to find my own system. 

I mostly bet on draws and get consistent income. If you want to know, you can watch this video of mine.