5 Best Soccer Betting Apps You Should Have in Your Phone

Just like any other business, soccer betting is the same. And if you don’t equip yourself with the best soccer betting apps, you’re lacking proper tools to keep your gambling journey smooth. 

In this article, I’m going to tell you about 5 best soccer betting apps that I’ve on my own phone. 

So let’s get started! 


Flashscore has always been my all time favourite. In fact, I use its links to share daily tips on my Telegram channel. 

Flashscore is one of the best apps for alerts

The best thing about this soccer betting app is it gives you enough data to predict how upcoming soccer matches might end up. Not only this, it shows the schedule of matches as per your timezone. 

Apart from this, Flashscore shows you what odds are available on various soccer betting bookmakers. 


Even though Flashscore fills my appetite for information, Sofascore works as a backup. 

sofascore is another best soccer betting app

There are times when Flashscore takes time to update its live scores, especially for matches where they mention ‘only final score is available.’ 

So to get my updates without waiting much, I check SofaScore to see how the match ended up. 

MGC (Martingale Calculator) 

Do you want to win even after a couple of losses? In that case, you need a Martingale calculator like MGC. 

Just in case you don’t understand what Martingale is, you might take a look at my draw soccer betting strategy to understand it real quick. 

Martingale calculator best football app

Now from here, I’ll just assume that you know what Martingale is. So I’m going to explain a couple of things to you so that you can use this app well enough: 

Start Bet: This is the first unit you’re going to bet. 

Min Profit: Just in case you lose the first bet, how much profit do you want to win if you don’t lose the next one? 

Extra Profit from Each Step from 2nd+: Let’s suppose you win 3 times in a row, do you still want to earn fixed $1? Or do you want $1 to compound everytime? 

Percentage: It’s the amount of % you’re gonna get on your wins, if I were you I would’ve left this one and moved on to the coefficient. 

Coefficient: It’s the total number of odds you’re generally getting from your bets. 

Steps: How many steps are you willing to go?  

Once you fill in all the information, you’ll know what total amount you need to invest for the number of steps you chose. 

Not only this, you’ll get a sequence for every bet you need to place next. As you can see, I’m having 1, 2.30, 4.95, and so on. 

Believe it or not, it’s a really helpful app for soccer betting because it saves you from the hours of calculation. 

Arbitrage Calculator App for Soccer Betting 

Do you consider yourself a person who earns money with no risk soccer arbitrage system? 

Well then this soccer betting app is something you would like to install right away. 

Arbitrage betting calculator app for soccer

In this app, you have to select whether you’re going two way, three way, or four way. 

Once you select that, you need to put odds you see on various platforms. 

Based on the margin, this app will tell you how much profit you’re going to make or whether you’re going to make any or not. 

System Bet Calculator for Soccer

Some people might think that this app is of no use, but ask those who constantly experiment to increase their profit and reduce their loss. 

In the world of gambling, people have invented a lot of money management systems. 

All the systems listed on this app’s menu are quite popular: 

system betting calculator for football

Just like the Martingale calculator, this app gives you a sequence for multiple money management systems. 

You can simply change the number of units you’re going to start with and keep a tab of your losing or winning streaks. 

System bet management app for soccer

Everytime you win, you want to tap on the win. If you lose, the same thing applies. 

With every loss or win, it will show you what to bet next. 

When it comes to keeping tabs and experimenting with multiple strategies without forgetting stuff, this is the app you need. 

System bet money management app for football betting

Bet365 – Don’t Underestimate This! 

Even though I’m breaking rules by putting this bookmaker on this list, trust me it will be worth it if you hear what I’ve to say. 

I know Flashscore, Sofascore, and other apps can also give you alerts, but no one does it better than Bet365. 

Those apps seek data from these bookmakers, so why not have it installed on your phone to get information in real-time? 

bet365 football betting app for perfect reminder

To get updates, you just need to select your match and press that bell icon. From there, you can select the type of alerts you want to receive. 

The Bottom Line

If we both bet today, I’ll win. You know why? Because my prediction is, not all apps are useful for you. 

But yes, some of them would be helpful based on your betting style. 

By the way, I’m really good at predicting. You can take a look at my Elite Soccer Draws system to understand what I’m talking about.