This System Gives me 2X ROI Every Month

What if you win even after losing multiple times? Well, that’s the kind of strategy I use to make money from soccer betting. 


Before I show you how this works, let me tell you that this strategy is based on the traditional martingale system which was developed by John Henry Martingale in 1930. 


Generally, martingale refers to doubling up on your losses and cutting your wins into half. 


When it comes to my kind of martingale, I multiply my stake by 1.5 and get back to step 1 whenever a win happens. 

On step 1, I lost $20 and my balance was $980. 


On step 2, I again lost $30 and my balance was $950. 


But on step 3, I won $135 for $45 stake because the odds were 3.0. 


Just in case you don’t understand how odds work, read this blog post: How Does Odds Work in Soccer Betting. 




My balance is now $1085 and we have $85 profit. 


If you want to make money from soccer betting using Martingale strategy, here’s the kind of chart you might want to follow: 

For a $20 base bet, you need at least $2.2K to be on the safe side. 


As far as I know $2.2K won’t be used, I’d still recommend having enough funds so that you can take losses when the time comes. 


To carry out the same process with less budget, you can also start with $5 having a total budget of $566. 

Now that you understand what martingale strategy is, let me clear the biggest myth that people have about it. 


“Martingale Strategy Requires Unlimited Amount of Funds, Otherwise You’ll Eventually Lose”

I agree that Martingale requires unlimited funds. But guess what? This only applies for those who don’t have a working strategy. 


Do you know why I only wrote 10 steps in the above table? 


Because I’ve never been above 7th or 8th bet. My strategy gives me a winning rate of 35-45%. 


25% is my worst and 50% is my best. 


So going to the 10th step is super rare for me. Years of knowledge, experimenting, and analysis is something that makes me better at this. 


From here, I’m going to tell you the exact process you need to follow to make money from my soccer betting draw system.


Before we do that, I want you to sign up on Bet365 because it’s easy, legit, as well as fast.


Here’s how you can do it:


a. Visit this link and download Bet365 mobile app.


b. Once you install the app, click on the join button.


c. Fill the form and make sure you put all the real details, don’t try to make any alias account because Bet365 also asks for KYC.


d. Once you fill all the info, press the join button. After this, provide your national ID so that you won’t have to face any troubles in future.


Now that you’ve a Bet365 account ready, let me tell you what you have to do on a daily basis to make an extra $1000 from soccer betting draw system.


1. Join my Telegram Channel to get best soccer betting draw tips.

2. Once you join the group, you’ll see these hyperlinks. All these hyperlinks contains name of the matches we’ve selected.


So every single day, you want to open the first link and place your bet. And when the match is over, open the second link to do the same. 


After opening any of these links, you’ll come across this page:

3. Now search the first team’s name on Bet365 search to find the match we’re going to bet on. As you can see, I’ve searched Alger here.


As soon as I noticed Alger vs Constantine, I pressed the X button because we’re going to place a bet on draw. Yes, we’re not favouring anyone here.

Right after clicking on the X button, a pop up will appear that would ask me to put the total amount in the ‘Stake’ box.


I’ll simply put the amount I want to bet on and I’ll hit the ‘Place Bet’ button. Now if I win, I’ll place the same 100 base bet on the next match.

And if I lose, I’ll go for the next bet which would be of course multiplied by 1.5 (150 right).


$100 can never be a base bet for this as it would require a lot of investment for 10 steps, I just wrote 100 to help you understand it real quick.


And if you’re not getting why I multiplied it by 1.5, it looks like you’ve not read the entire article patiently. Go through this again and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.




archive tips profit odds avg. base bet
April ‘21 130 $2240 $3 $20
May ’21 102 $1480 $3 $20
June ‘21 118 $1720 $3 $20
July ’21 65 $1040 $3 $20
August ‘21 66 $1080 $3 $20
September ’21 60 $880 $3 $20
October ‘21 83 $830 $3 $20
November’21 68 $1030 $3 $20
December ’21 62 $820 $3 $20
January ’22 60 $740 $3 $20

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